Sunday, March 18, 2012

Weekend Hodge Podge

So Jess headed to Greenville for the first time this weekend to do some wedding dress hunting with her friend Jen.  She was also the privileged attendee of the cake testing appointment too.  Red Velvet! (Just what she needed... Fatty.) With all the wedding talk and festivities, she was reminded of her own wedding day not so long ago...  She came home, whipped out the album (Thank you Gallery By Laura!) and reminisced for about an hour.  I never heard mention that the cat of her dreams couldn't attend... 

Here is a little St. Patrick's day miracle that came on the ride home from Greenville.

Here are some pictures to reminisce by.

Other treats for Daron and Jess this weekend...
Lunch with their Myrtle Beach buddies Dustin and Leslie.
Mizzou losing in the first round...just kidding, my bracket is sunk.
$50 from PTO to do classroom shopping with!
Marker tie-dyeing. (At least these spots didn't come from slobby eating like most do around here)

Weekend treats for me...none.  Typical.

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