Tuesday, November 29, 2016

At Mizzou with Buds

I had so much fun, Friends!  See you next year for the comfy tiger shirts.  (Maybe Amanda Stapp will be available for a reprise of this... :)

Wear this every Sat?

This water did not look so suspicious at the time.

In case he becomes a future Tiger.

Missouri with the FOMD

Thanksgiving dinner.

Hiking at Fantastic Caverns.

Training with Uncle Trevor.

At the Chief's and Buc's game.

Some of my favorite bits of the trip:

  • Silas toting a hatchet and tagging along behind Mr. Roebke on a mission to cut the tail off a dead squirrel. (Good for fly fishing hooks apparently.)
  • Conn and I sporting our Outlaws shirts and cheering on Trenton as he flies down the field after a soccer goal.
  • A bag brim full of beef jerky... sitting next to French onion dip... sitting next to fudge, with a side of cheese ball. 
  • Visiting the model to imagine our lovely new lake cabin under construction.
  • Crafting twinkly Snowman ornaments with my favorite niece. 
  • Conn forcing pumpkin pie on everyone to reveal our news.

Sunday, November 6, 2016


Another weekend of showing up to abuse the delicious and fun fruits of another's labor.