Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Bike Gang

My son has joined the neighborhood bicycle gang.  They are the coolest kids I know.  For real, I am so impressed with them. They make me smile at the perfection of our neighborhood.  Cute cake baking elderly folks on one side and these dudes on the other.  They practice everyday, have built their own ramps, grinding rails, and other contraptions I don't know the names for.  They are so friendly and always talking to Silas.  I want to tell them how much I love them, but I am thinking it would not have the effect I want- them being teenagish boys and all.  Following their lead, Silas recently started showing interest in the tricycle that has been sitting in our garage for two years.  He had really outgrown it, so we decided to buy him a used "big kid" bike.  The first day he took it out, the whole crew was cheering him on and being so adorable!  They even let me take this picture.  Silas is getting really good, really fast too.  It has been a super fun new development.