Sunday, April 20, 2014

Wednesday, April 16, 2014


We are just figuring out bubbles.  Perhaps mom is having more fun than he is.  They do seem like kind of a mean trick for the very young who expect to grab the shiny ball and then it is gone.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Travel Bug

We headed to Greenville for the day of our dreams...a picnic lunch, the zoo, some of our favorite company, and a dinner on the town.  We started out good with some al fresco sandwiches and then proceeded on our stroll to the zoo.  Turns out it was hotter than I thought. Silas decided he didn't want to eat (all day) and was a sweaty fussy mess who potentially got a small heat stoke (not really, I hope).  The zoo was packed and not that fun with an infant who is making you guilty in his misery.  We enjoyed his unhappy soundtrack on the drive home where he promptly threw up and registered a small fever. We called the doctor who dismissed the heat in playing a role and thought he had caught some virus. Upon arriving home we discovered Silas's vibrating chair going strong a full 24+ hours later, (shopping list addition: batteries) and Louise locked in our bedroom.  Overall, a bang up job of parenting. We did have some nice Chinese take-out and a tour of my cousin's soon to be abode (with a pool!).  We weren't the most fun guests, but even still our lovely hosts sent us home with the best souvenir ever.

Ecuadorian Alpaca!
He was slightly amused with the giraffes.

Orangutan high five.

We failed to bring any of the 27 hats I have made Daron buy, so  here we are looking good with sunscreen slathered hair.

Cutest sloth ever.

As you can see, in the win column we have these excellent photos from the trip...