Thursday, May 31, 2012

Decoupage Disco

It was a team effort creating candle globes for wedding favors for K and her mom.  I was excluded from participation due to the fact that they did not think large amounts of fur sticking to the jars would be attractive.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Memorial Day!

Cooking the Food
Waiting for the Food
Routing for One F Jef...
But this guy will probably win.
Or this guy.

Guess Where?

Recognize this place?  Guess where in the USA we've been this week.

The man in yellow didn't stand a chance.
Clue #1: We didn't run into Emily and Ricki.
Clue #2: Anthropologie!

Here is what we got. (Jess got)

Solve this code to see if you guessed correctly!
CN, ettolrahC - llaM kraP htuoS

Thursday, May 10, 2012


As a blog reader, I see all kinds of delicious cuisine being offered in the homes of friends.  I do not live in those homes.  Let me show you a sample of what we've had lately.

 Even the food is making a face.  

I've come up with a list of words I will never use to describe cuisine around here.
Cajun rubbed
Pomegranate vinaigrette
Any kind of vegetable
Sage walnut pesto pasta
Goat cheese
Roasted butternut squash
The word "fresh" in any form

Who's coming over for dinner?...I mean with dinner?

With that said, here is a surprising effort in the kitchen this evening:
How to Make Sushi

Tweezer Chopsticks = Classy

Even though they did not share, the experience turned out entertaining for me... the rolls ended up being super-sized and I got to watch the roomies try to stuff them in their giant gobs.  It's no Bi-Lo sushi, but I will applaud their attempt.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Now a Word from Our Correspondent

Guest Writer: Maggie "Junebug" Dogerson, resident at Monday Night Club headquarters
Translated by: yes, I am trilingual. (Cats don't just naturally command the English language.)

Compliments of Kristin!

aruff, grrruff aruff
(Brownies, cool brownies.)

(I did not get one.)

Aroo, ruff, ruff, snort, woof, woofity, woofum, humph
(Monday night club watched the season conclusion of Castle this week.  Ahh Beckett, your days of "slave to the job" BA police woman have finally yielded to tender confessions of love.)

*(Thank you for sharing your wonderful blog with me, Louise, and as always for your example of grace, elegance, and class.)
*Rough translation

I would also like to thank Maggie for her contributions, her kind words, and suffering through the company of my roommates one night a week.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Miss USA

It's that time again... America waits on the edge of its seat to see who will be the next...Miss USA!  For several years Daron and Jessie have participated in their own contest for the crown of sorts.  They have carefully evaluated the contestants, read bios, watched videos, compared state statistics, etc... and landed on their top picks to win.  I can't lie- I am excited, but I only tune in for the contestants with animal rescue platforms.  Humans in general seem a little too bald and gangly to be considered attractive.

Here are Jess's picks to win: (Scoff)
Rhode Island (#1)
New York
South Carolina

Here are Daron's picks to win: (Did you think we were picking the bottom 10?)
New York(#1)
South Carolina
Rhode Island

Here are mine: (Check and Mate)
Delaware (#1)
South Dakota

If you would like to participate from home check out the contestants at this link.
Here is another good one with more pictures.  The winner will receive their own tribute right here at Louise About the House.

Here are some photos of our in-house winners from pageants past.


Saturday, May 5, 2012

Aunt in a Mustache

Happy Cinco de Mayo!  This one is just for record keeping...when I need a smile.

Friday, May 4, 2012

The one in which Jessie loses at Badminton

I've just got off the hump from the bathing fiasco of 2012 (lets hope it is the only one that can go by that name) and have finally regained motivation for blogging.  Sadly material has been illusive.  I suppose I will report on the only noteworthy happening of late around here besides lots of couch sitting and t.v. watching...
Last weekend the roomies went off to Greenville to see the new home of the cousin of their dreams.  Renovations galore so I hear.  Perhaps it will motivate them to make some changes around here...install feline friendly shelving...a fountain...a cat box to accommodate my girth... or maybe just fix the giant hole in the floor.

Freezer deciding to defrost itself = bad for wood floors
*notice exciting mail on fridge!

Here is what I gleaned from their adventure:
Jess lost at badminton.
They ate delicious kabobs...and buffalo chicken dip, and pancakes and... 
They broke in a new couch that sleeps 3 and is not a pullout.  I think this is the most impressive tidbit.
They were thwarted in their home run derby attempt by a confiscation of the ball by one Diamond Dogerson.  (Nice work! and also happy birthday to you!)

                                                                                                         Toward the net, Daron!

Armpit heart.  Disgusting.  It does look like Daron has a huge bicep though...
The birthday girl/evil genius herself!

What have I been doing you ask?
Watching the lawn be sodded by a kind yet underpaid family member.
Generally accosting guests and leaving a wake of hairballs in my path.
And giving a lot of this look.  They deserve it.