Sunday, December 31, 2017


We've entered my least favorite phase of food.  I wanted to forgo it and just go straight to table food cut up really small, but I don't think I am cool enough to pull that off.  It does help support the best pair of thighs I've ever squeezed, so I will persist.

Silas is playing his first team sport!  We are practicing a growth mindset with dribbling...and shooting...and catching.  The chest pass, he was born with that talent!  His little team is cute and we think Coach Jonathan is a saint.  Silas is thrilled to be on the green team.  (Peter Pan-esque) I think our whole family stifled inner cheers when it was announced.  It's the little things.  He keeps taking himself out of the game "needing a break".  At least he is recently going to the bench.  The first game he climbed up in the bleachers next to us in the middle of play.  I'll give it to him for bravery.  It is loud and crowded and he pretty much has no idea what is going on, but he runs back and forth with the biggest smile.  I am trying my best to tame my crazy and keep it fun.  He should probably be in trouble after every game for various shenanigans and our at home practices may result in baldness, but I can't scare him off on his first attempt.  Also, he is four. (he is four...he is four...he is four...) 

Rory had his first sick visit to the doctor with a viral infection.  He had a nice little cough and snot for several days.  He took antibiotics for our family's only documented ear infection, and we now own a nebulizer.  He followed this up by getting and passing the flu to each of us in turn.  I was most sad that Silas had to miss his Christmas program at school.



In trying to capture a picture of the newest tooth, Silas says, "I have an idea! I will hold beef jerky over him so he opens his mouth and then pull it away."  It was the best idea any of us could think of, so we went with it, but no dice.

Silas went to see Coco and then to pizza with Meemaw, Gramps, and these crazy guys.  His report: "I...was...terrified."  Translation: "I had the time of my life."

Wednesday, December 27, 2017


It was the perfect Christmas. Silas even said he wouldn't wipe off my kisses for festive sake.  My favorite parts were him opening everything with his safety scissors and declaring "I can't believe it's Christmas!" repeatedly.  Rory was a peach as well.  We hadn't done much Christmasy until the week before.  I barely listened to carols, we missed the Christmas pageant at school, and we forgot to water our tree so Daron wouldn't let us turn on the lights for risk of fire.  I certainly wasn't burned out.  Maybe less is more.

We did enjoy Santa and lights at the zoo with the Privetts.  We saw another slightly sketchier Santa at the bowling alley with cousins as well.  We had a paint night and gift exchange with friends, made cookies with Meemaw, and Gigi sent fudge. We read the Grinch with Mr. Roebke and the girls won at cards on Christmas Eve.

I think Silas asks for things from Santa that he hears in songs.  Like there is a right answer to the "What would you like for Christmas?" question. This year it was ice skates and a sled.  We decided to ignore his requests, living in South Carolina and all.  I think it was the right move.  He was happy with his pirate hideout and Moana action figures. Also it is a miracle he still believes in Santa.  We did a terrible job protecting the mystery.  I don't really care for our sake but he is a little young to be trusted to not ruin it for others.  I felt like I bought him a lot, but it is over so quickly and so much fun to watch his excitement, I wish I would have bought him more.  He is so happy and sweet about everything.  Buying him more will probably ruin it, but watching his joy is addicting.  I already can't wait until next year.

I ventured from the Christmas theme and made it halfway through a whimsical version of The Thinker for my classroom.

1. 2.

1. Silas's nativity.
2. Missouri Christmas cookie, minus the bootheel.

Friday, December 15, 2017

6 Months

This little sitter looks good sporting his first tooth!  He is nearly out-eating his brother (not hard) and maintains the head circumference of a pygmy goat.

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Louise About the Garden

Louise is no longer about the house.  She was a good friend.  Even though she had a reputation as a grouchy, mangy thing, I think she was the most beautiful cat I have ever seen.   I'm sorry, Weeze. I miss you.

First picture in South Carolina.

Last picture in South Carolina.

Thursday, November 30, 2017


Silas practices photography as means to get his hands on a phone.

Freddy's with our fun house guest.

Thanksgiving with the Hofts.

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Jones Gap

Last weekend was our Brevard Friends Trip 2.0.  We hiked around my personal favorite, Jones Gap State Park.  Perhaps the biggest understatement on the blog to date, but fall in the mountains is beautiful.  My kids were pretty great company on the trail.  I love seeing Silas as a nature explorer. Rory also loved the Ergo cuddles and attention of being passed around all weekend.  We did not try our luck accompanying the group all the way to the falls, but my sweater put in an appearance for me!  We all got to put our stamp of approval on Ryan, watch another Robert Durst drama, and eat pretty well too.  I love my buddies!