Monday, June 29, 2015

Tugaloo State Park, GA

Silas had his first camping trip this weekend.  Of course, outdoors-man that he is, he was in heaven. He didn't even act skeptical about eating, dressing, and sleeping outside.  Tugaloo State Park was beautiful and we got to camp right on the water of Lake Hartwell with our own access point.  Silas was very excited about throwing rocks in the lake.  He used gestures to show everyone that passed what he had been up to with those rocks.  In the lake, he was kicking and loosely paddling as we steered him from one group member to the next in the water.  I think was the most fun he has ever had swimming. He learned some new dance moves from Elizabeth, played a round of mini-golf, blew some dandelions, tromped about the camp site stealing tools, respected no sleep boundaries in the tent, and awed us with his ability to stay alive eating relatively nothing.  He is still sleeping as I type at 9:30 which is definitely some kind of record.  I'd say we had a good time.

I've been replaced from the Dirty Dancing pose

Babies in hats.

The happy campers.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

A Grandma in Hand is Better than Two in the Bush

Silas loves his Grandma Cain.  She was greeted with a running hug when she exited the car.  First things first- a thorough health exam.

I think this is the cutest picture ever.

She bought us donuts...and ice cream...and pie.  It's a good thing the physical was not performed on the mother.

Pool mobster with squirting gun and popsicle cigar.  He even managed to spray Grandma through the window screen. Ruthless.

Dropping her off in Anderson, we got to do this...and this... and see my newest South Carolina cousin and recent college graduate, Andrew!

Here are Silas's thoughts on the visit.  (Thanks for the new trick!) Come again soon! Perhaps for a birthday party!?!?

Monday, June 15, 2015

The Yearly Summer Homecoming

The road trip soundtrack. My apologies.

Day one we visited Grandma Cain in her lovely new apartment.  There was also a Steak N' Shake and park stop.  Malachi got stuck in a baby swing and mooned half the park on his extraction.  That livened things up.

Day 2 we hung about the house eating cherries off the tree, petting chickens, delivering carrots to horses, and water sliding.  I think the chiming of the grandfather clock was Silas's favorite part.  We also enjoyed a cute little splash park and some Andy's Frozen Custard.


The third day, the sister took off for home and I met up with some high school pals.

On our final day of the Missouri part of our trip, GiGi babysat so I could introduce Daron to Silver Dollar City and celebrate our fifth anniversary.  Much to our surprise we were robbed on the train. We hit most of the highlights: pork rind consumption, roller-coasters, spelunking, Fire in the Hole...  We however did not dip our own candles, make a leather stamped wallet, or get a tin-type photo. We ended the day at the Pizza Cellar and visiting with Doll-Doll.

From Missouri we took off through St. Louis to Illinois.  We had some delicious BBQ with Kristen and lazed at the hotel for awhile before meeting up with Daron's cohorts.  

Our last day was spent visiting Uncle Bob and Aunt Joanne and chasing around their rooster. We then headed to the family reunion where I can now name absolutely no one from this photo except those I came with.   Everyone was nice however and we enjoyed getting to meet Tyler and his wife.  We also came home with our first trophy for youngest attendee!  Better make a shelf!