Thursday, October 22, 2015

Dinos, Balloon Rabbits, and Berkleigh

     A trifecta of joy at the state fair! It was almost a repeat of the fated fair date that never actually made it to the fair due to maddening traffic.  We persevered though to enjoy curly cut potatoes, turkey legs and a fried onion all washed down by the most expensive soda ever recorded.  We  also dabbled at the petting zoo where I scavenged food pellets off the ground like any good mother.

Sand Sculpture

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Room on the Broom Week

 At day care recently, they have been rotating through the children and letting them pick the theme for the week and help plan the activities.  We have had dinosaur week, train week, Doc. McStuffins week, and Micky Mouse Club House week.  Silas has really been enjoying the book, Room on the Broom.  I thought since he has been assigned the week before Halloween it would be a good theme.  I got a little carried away making plans.  I think Mrs. KiKi thinks I am crazy, and she probably hates me for too much glue and paint being involved, but I hope it turns out fun for the kids!

Room on the Broom Week Lesson Plans and Supplies

Felt board characters to go along with the story.

Feeding the dragon colored french fries.

Character stamps.

Friday, October 9, 2015

Flood Week

     Well, this has been a surprise week at home with all the rain and flooding.  I am sorry that is has come at a cost to others but it has been nice to enjoy some time off.  Might as well find some positives.  They say we are overcome with supplies and volunteers so in order to not get in the way, we have done absolutely nothing to help.  If these pictures were a true representation of the week then they would mostly show us in front of the television.  The boil order is pretty much a demand that I drink only soda and stick to my preferred bathing schedule.  It has not been my most productive stint. Here are some shots I stole from the internet of two of my routes to my schools.



Watching the Bucs.

Home maintenance.

Random shark picture that I don't even think is from this week.

VERY imaginative play.

Sharing water with flood victim.
Elizabeth brought the biggest bouquet of alter flowers I've ever seen.  This was about half.  I used every vase I own to make smaller arrangements.  One is for you, dear reader, only you will have to come pick it up or enjoy it vicariously.

     These were made on my only spree of productivity.  I started about three other crafts that were a bust.  The correct placement of eyes was evasive.  Pepper and Carlee, no mermaid softies for you.  You will have to have a decent store bought present instead. Sorry.