Sunday, March 25, 2012

I am Stunning

I thought I would reflect on those good old days when I was just a wee scraggly barn kitten complete with ear mites, ring worm, and a broken tail.  I loved sleeping on Jessie's face, peeing in the craft box, and attacking every foot I could find.  I've included some of my baby pictures for you to see the transformation into the magnificent feline I've become.

Mommy dearest.
First bath.  I think we can agree that I am ugly in an adorable sort of way.
Periscope tail.
This necklace is dazzling on me.
The gang together. (Ronnie and Patsy)


  1. Ahh! Baby Louise! Back when we actually thought she was a girl! :) Good times. Except for the ringworm ... those were rougher, itchier times ...

  2. I've never seen baby pictures! I thought Ronnie looked like a Thanksgiving turkey decoration. Also, I've seen the bath time expression many a time.