Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Double Entree

Here is the latest in food news around this place...

Daron has been out of town visiting friends in Illinois so Jess decided to do some experimental cooking in his absence.  Laura also had a dish to make so they went to the store and convened in the kitchen here at 1900 hours.  On the menu from Jess: Black Bean Burgers with guacamole, spinach and feta.  On the menu from Laura: Creamy Mexican Chicken Salad with beans, corn, celery, and peppers.  If you can't tell, they were trying to be healthy.  If this was a competition I think there would be two losers.  

The bad news:  They may have forgotten half the ingredients in Laura's dish and Jess's may have been severely overcooked.  Needless to say, I am omitting the recipes.  (Sorry to Kristin for being the unfortunate dinner guest of the evening.)

The good news:  Jess now has Amber's (much more savory version) of the Black Bean recipe in her inbox and they succeeded in consuming very few calories! 
Here is a photo of the fixings pre-consumption/disappointment.

Chicken salad shown grilled in a tortilla

In other food news Jess is eating a cookie back from the 2/26 post. yikes. Blogging sure makes you more aware of food expiration dates...


  1. I was not aware that Louise keeps military time. I like it.

  2. Oh, umm, I never put in any of the spices!