Monday, March 19, 2012

Oh Really?

So Daron and Jess were hanging out with some pals last night and were telling me about the game they played.  Always nice to hear about the wonderful time I was left out of.  Here is the idea as they tell it.  There are five word cards put down and every player ranks them in order of importance.  There are a few variations for playing and scoring, but at one point in the evening they were just putting the words in the order that they saw fit and comparing responses.  During one round, these words came up: fingers, philosophy, music, peace, and medicine.  There were five people playing and all five came up with a different word as the most important of the list. Interesting.
Here are the responses:
Daron- Fingers (Go ahead...rub it in.)
Jessie- Peace (Says the one who is always shoving me off the couch.)
Jo- Medicine (I didn't mind the the vet.)
Andrew- Philosophy (Huh?)
Kristin- Music (I wouldn't know the joy of this from what I am subjected to around here.)
Personally, I am not sold on any of these.  How about you?  What would you pick as most important?  

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