Thursday, July 26, 2012

Austin City Limits

Guest Blogger: Jessie
I took a trip to Austin to see this cute family.  

I booked my passage on a Delta Boeing 757 (Spoiler...It did not crash) and arrived in Austin at noonish with minimal airport running.  I met up with Beth and Kristen arrived a few minutes later to start our trip.  Beth had come up with an itinerary with the perfect amount of on-the-go time and sit-around-in-pjs time.  

The first day we had some Mexican for lunch.  Our waiter brought us two menus and when it was time to order he said, "You don't have to order off just these." and brought us another menu the size of a saddle.  Good thing too because I was getting a fancy and exclusive option called a burrito.  He did let us sample some cactus which was nice of him.  Then we walked around downtown Austin.  It was very fun, we saw the Capital, where Talbot (the husband) works (swanky), and some cute shops.  We loitered in a Starbucks to keep me from overheating because I had unwisely chosen jeans and my fuzzy airport socks for this outing.
That night we met up with the boys for dinner and then went to see the bats that live in the Congress Street Bridge.  They did not want to meet us, but it was still fun.  Then home to the guest bed of my dreams.

Day number two we started off by going to church.  We ate Texas BBQ at a place called Salt Lick (which of course I liked because of the name).  Then we did some outlet shopping and headed home for pizza and The Bachelorette.  Please see my post titled Memorial Day in order to be impressed by me calling her final choice before the show's pilot even aired.

Day three we took off on a little drive to Hamilton Falls which I loved.  There wasn't much by way of water actually falling on this particular day, but the cave aspect and short hike were beautiful.  That afternoon we went to Snow Beach, a very delicious snow cone shop, and then spent a little time at the neighborhood pool.  We made fajitas for dinner and then went out for dessert to celebrate Kristin's birthday.

Our flights were bright and early the next day so that is pretty much it.  I did watch a woman get forcefully evicted from a plane bathroom on the way home.  I love that these buddies are still in my life and have better memories than me to preserve the good times from our college days.  I love that we made some new memories this week and I got to get a glimpse into their everyday lives. Yay!  Now for the photo montage.

Out and about in the Austin!

The Texas State Capital

Watching for the Congress Bridge bats.

The Olympians

Sunglasses Fashion Show


Snow Beach... a cool place, as shown by the sign.

Liam...a cool baby, as shown by this suave smile.



Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Alley Cats

Tuesday night at the Always More Fun Lanes...

The competition was fierce as the keglers lofted, bear-clawed, jammed, and crow hopped the ball down the lane.  There were many a mixer, barmaid, poodle and pumpkin. (I had a little fun with this Bowling Glossary website.)

The teams...

The boys were mostly victorious, but Jessie insisted I record proof that they did not win every game.
Lynette, Bree, and Gabby...not too shabby.
(I think they may be watching too much Desperate Housewives.)

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Leisure Dives

Our take on Leisure Dives.

The Judges:

The Tricks!
Warming up...

Now for the newspaper reader...

The Meditating Buddha...

The Heisman...

The Thinker...

The Tebow...

The Pencil...

 The Ballerina...

The Speed Skater...

The Newsie...

And for the big finish...
God and Adam...

She liked it!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Crustacean Counting

Fun in the tide pools at Sullivan's Island.

One beach buddy with a sweet beach bag!

Two inner tubes.

Three wind surfers.

Four crustaceans.
Asian Shore Crab?

Horseshoe Crab




Five Fliers.