Saturday, June 30, 2012


What is it?

Closer please...

A little bit closer...

Wait, let me get my glasses...

Ahh...Dustin and Leslie taking in the sights with a very dirty Harper. 

Friday, June 29, 2012


Our dearest girl, Laura, has gotten the notion to move to Charleston.  
(20 tissues later...)  
Jess and the crew thought it only fitting to send their Bachelorette viewing friend off with a surprise final rose ceremony.  Here were her bachelors to choose from: 

Ed...the famous green shorts.
Wes...Some say love don't come eas-is that a one legged bird...
David...represented by the literal version of his "cheese derrière" comment of season 5. 
(Just googled "French word for buttocks" to get the spelling.)
Jonathan...the petite-est weatherman of all.
Rated R...true to his name.

Can you match our version with the original?

Bacheloretiquette tip #1: Always arrive on time. (and with cool wheels)
Arriving in the limo.

Bacheloretiquette tip #2: First impressions are key.  Use a firm handshake or hug. 
The contestants meet the Bachelorette...

Bacheloretiquette tip #3: Compliment your lady's good looks! oh la la! 
Hmmm...Who should the roses go to?

Bacheloretiquette tip #4:  Be respectful of other suitors.  

Bacheloretiquette tip #5:  Use pictures as an excuse to get in close! 
A girl with her "guys" and one guy

Now for craft time... 

Saturday, June 23, 2012


Jess has been hosting company to occupy the long and boring days of summer.  What is she treating these guests to, you ask?  Puzzle time.  That's right- a classic tea and crumpets afternoon.  

The real kicker...  

The Case of the Missing Piece:
Suspects of the slobbery variety...

Suspects of the weird face goo variety...
Brown sugar and honey scrub, anyone?

Who could have thwarted this 750 749 piece work of art?  Amber? Daron? The dust bunnies under the couch?  Does the offender have no conscience?  Are they gaining pleasure from the futile searching of the bipedals?  Alas, we shall never know. :) 

Innocent Bystander...hehehe

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Flora and Fauna

"You can learn a lot of things from the flowers, but especially in the month of June.  There's a wealth of happiness and romance, all in the golden afternoon!"

A peek through the screen door reveals...

Oh! Hello.

Flying lessons.

I Spy...

"Has anyone seen my friend, Toad?"

Nice belts!

Alfresco dining leads to this cruel trap.
Do flies have taste buds?... hope so :)