Saturday, April 25, 2015

Sparkleberry Fair

We had our first real tractor encounter.  The sign said "no climbing".  We took it as far as we could.

Petting zoos are magic. I keep waiting for Silas to feel the same.

These have to be the cutest animals alive. 

Tuesday, April 21, 2015


I don't post much about work on here, but I got a new position for next school year and I'm thoroughly pumped.  I have been taking classes this semester to get the Gifted/Talented endorsement and it worked out that there was an opening they deemed me fit for! :) I'm still not sure I believe it!  I spent many days dithering about waiting for a call.  I have been doing 5th grade math and science in the very same classroom for the last 6 years so who knows what next year will be like, but I am ready for a new challenge and I think this is it!  Our district does a pull-out program so I will have second and third graders at a few different schools.  I will see five different groups of kids (one each day of the week). Traveling will be new.  I am hoping I don't make it a habit of driving to the wrong school. I will miss my school and colleagues.  They really are a great crew.  I am kind of slow to fit in and they finally get me, so it may be awhile before I can win over (or resign) my new work community to liking me. I will still be a Cougar at home though, because school shirts comprise most of my wardrobe.  The bad news is there is a chance that none of the upper grade counterparts I get to share a room with will let me keep this classroom staple:

The good news is I will be needing a new blog and you know how I love those.  Here is the tribute to the last and first 6 years of teaching 5th grade.

Meeting Aunt Cheryl

Life will never be the same.  

Saturday, April 11, 2015


New babies are my favorite.  Cousin twice removed sounds very sad, so I will just call her Silas's best new gal.

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Silas's Break Log

Friday: Mother subjects me to many errands and Easter crafts.

Saturday: Hung out with these yahoos and practiced up on my backyard egg hunting.

Master Hider.
Sunday:  Can't remember.  Probably lazed around like this. (Nope...this is the shirt from Monday apparently.  I'm going to go with it anyways.  It is possible I wore it two days in a row.)

Monday: Accidental attendance at library story time.  Mother realizes she probably needs to incorporate more action songs into daily life.  Lunch date at the office of one E. Ogorek with organ accompaniment.  Egg dying shin-dig with the peeps and the Peps.  

Pepper sass.
Facial Garnishing.

Tuesday: Lived the dream as an outdoors man.  Practiced my stance.

Wednesday:  Zoo and dinner with the fam!  

Thursday: Picnic lunch with Dad at work.  Laura comes to play.  Looking cute in the kitchen.  More batting practice.

Friday: Donned shorts!  Ten minutes later...donned bandaids.

Saturday: Ate out too much.  Bought a slue of new shorts for injuries another day.  Enjoyed my new spring playdough buffet.

Next up: Easter Sunday!