Wednesday, March 14, 2012

South Carolina Cousins

So we had some visitors this weekend...although, this is the last time they can officially be called visitors because they are soon to be residents of the great state of South Carolina!  Welcome Julianna and Justin!  They found a place in Greenville this past weekend and will be moving sometime in May! Jess is thrilled!  It seems like only yesterday Julianna and Jess embarked on a trip through the south with wide eyes and concerned faces at the various cultural oddities.   Now some five years later with cowboy boots on and sweet tea in hand they lounge under the shade of a palmetto tree and call out "Howdy Ya'll" to their neighbors... well, they might not quite be there yet, but at least they both have SC in their mailing address.

Now the cousins of our dreams are wielding hammers and hedge trimmers and getting the place in shape for the move.   I'm rooting for the success of the week's itinerary, Jules!

Me looking grumpy (beautiful).

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  1. Tonight I've been perusing your blog and came across this gem. I've also noticed we used to hangout way more.... Going to need to fix this issue. I'll work on it on my end cause I think you've been out here way more than I've been to see you.