Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Traveling to Texas

Guest writer for today: Jessie
Hello everyone!  First let me thank Louise for sharing her blog with me.  I will love to have a record to look back at and see what happened over the year.  Hopefully it will encourage more picture taking around here as well.  I also mostly love having one place that links me to all the blogs of my friends and what goes on in their much more interesting lives!  Speaking of friends I just bought my plane ticket to visit some great ones! I am heading to Texas to drop in on Joy and her family (can't wait to meet S and O!) and meet up with my friend Kristen!  I miss these girls so much. (You too Jon!)  Needless to say I am very has been too long.  Here are the dear and smiling faces that await me!

Wish I was seeing Leah, Megan, and Beth as well.  Soon!?!