Tuesday, February 21, 2012



I love checking out the life and times of all of Jessie and Daron's friends on their blogs so I thought I would periodically write about what goes on around here. (Not much...hence the periodically)  So far I have spent an hour trying to make a blog roll call thingy.  Not off to the best start.  Here is what I have observed around this place so far today...

  • Jess making jerky with the new food dehydrator!  Thanks Jane for the recipe!
  • Two guest dogs Penny and Koda lounging around on my couches.  Hoping J & J are enjoying the cruise!
  • Jess spent about an hour reading a diet blog...ran for about ten minutes, and then laid under the fan eating a rather large bowl of chili.

And yep that's it.  Gotta love Mid-winter break!  I know I have hooked you all and you will be eagerly awaiting the next thrilling update.

The next picture will probably be of an overturned dehydrator and two happy dogs.

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  1. I like the colors and point of view of Louise. Would have loved to see a picture of you with the chili on the floor!