Friday, February 24, 2012

Garden Stones

I had most of the day to myself today.  (Thankfully)  It reminded me of the days when Jess actaully worked...  She started the day with some quality time with Ian her nephew.  Jess was very excited that her name is one of his easy-off-the-tongue words these days.  Then she decided to get crafty with Denise.  Denise was the craft coach for this project. (patient woman) 

First they went to get supplies...

  • Fine concrete
  • Concrete color powder
  • Planter trays
  • Small rocks and stones

Next they made a rather large mess.

Lastly they ended up with some fine garden stones!  Just what the lawn needs...more rocks.  They will really showcase the weeds.  Now if only Jess can stay motivated about the garden for more than a few weeks this summer.

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