Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Heart Throb!

I thought I would document a few happening around here of late because Jess isn't giving me too much material just snacking on beef jerky and watching Excused this morning.  She is currently waiting on a ride to go get her purse which was left at a gathering last night.  She wisely decided not to make Daron turn the car around...she would go pick it up today.  Fat chance as it sits there harboring her only set of keys.  I guess its not nearly as bad as the "keys lost in the woods while geocaching" incident of 2008? 09?  If this makes her miss her lunch date to eat a giant plate of re-fried beans at San Jose's she will not be happy.  If this causes her to not be able to return our house guests this afternoon I will not be happy.

Anyways, happenings from recent history... For Valentine's Day Daron and Jessie decided to show their buddies (and what great buddies they are!) a little love.  The plan was more grandiose at different point along the course of planning, including handmade stuffed animal gifts. (The one attempt was ugly as sin- nice call scrapping that idea.) There was also to be a menu where the pals could actually order from various selections. (Also a no go...hard with one oven.)  So the evening turned out with this itinerary:

8:00- Guests Arrive, appetizers served
8:15- Opening Ceremonies (picture montage with Golden Girls theme accompaniment)
8:30- Dinner (Parmesan chicken, twice baked potatoes, bacon wrapped green beans)
9:00- A rousing game of HeartThrob also known as Beefcakes and Tongans
9:30- Supposed to watch the Bachelor, but fail for the DVR.
9:31- Watched The Voice and Castle.
***So far rooting for Mathai on The Voice!

Here is a breakdown of how Beefcakes and Tongans works:
1. Each player chooses a gentleman card and sets it out on the table for all to see.
2. Names are drawn for each gentleman.
3. Each player chooses who they think each of their friends' dream dates are.  They also 
    select their favorite gentleman just based on photos.
4. Round 2: A fact card about each guy is overturned.  Repeat step 3 based on photo and 
5. Two more rounds each reveling a fact are played and then players tell who they selected 
    for each round. Points are awarded for every correct guess you made for your friends.

Jess based this off the game Heart Throb she used to play as a kid.  Looked for one to buy $100 bucks!  She should have kept it.  I'm including some photos of the top men of the evening.

Here is one of the Valentines gang.

Good news!  The keys are in hand thanks to Jess's wonderful Father-in-law!  She is off for beans!  I will take a cat nap...what other kind of nap would I take?


  1. Love the picture of us descending in height!

  2. How have I never heard of this Heartthrob game? It's your Mall Madness. Kind of like Captain D's was my Arby's, until I actually tried it, that is :) It's decided. You need to bring this to Texas. Kristen

  3. Love that I can now see the video whenever I want!