Saturday, December 26, 2015

Christmas Present Play-by-Play

Out of the gate at 7 with the opening of stockings, Dad's headlamp starts as a front runner followed closely by the Halloween themed fake glasses from his fashion 5 pack.

Time out for a requested pizza breakfast that we were able to indulge due to leftovers from the night before when our non-napper feel asleep at 6 and missed all Christmas Eve festivities including dinner, a visit from grandparents, and the putting on of pajamas.

Breakfast was followed by the sporadic opening of gifts, most of which were domestically themed leading to the grand finale...
Notice our lovely plywood floors.

Outdoor fun was not neglected as we broke in the rain gear with some providential puddle jumping and hunted (not too hard) for treasure in our new sand table.

Festivities turned to the broader family where his favorite gifts are summarized in the picture below.
So it seems that it is the two dollar glasses for the win!

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  1. Love what you did with that kitchen!!! Konmari for the win.(: I bet your son loves it too. He's so lucky to have such a creative mom.