Sunday, March 29, 2015

Put Me in Coach

We are loving this spring weather!  We have bought out Target on outside play things thanks to an excessive gift card from one soon to be newborn owner. 
Seating- check!
Cold beverages-check!
Bats and balls of all sizes-check!
Lawn maintenance equipment-check!
Chalk for days-check!
Bubbles galore-check!
Things to ride-check!
Things to climb- you betcha!


The first day we dragged everything out into the yard for the ultimate toy unveiling, Silas proceeded to lay on the blanket and take a sun nap.  (My favorite outdoor activity too.)  I suppose it is best to break in everything little by little anyways.  Notice my excellent photoshopping in the one where he is balancing a ball on his finger.  He did have his shoe untied and you can't even tell...

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