Saturday, March 21, 2015

Big Times at Strafford High

My oldest younger brother headed to Columbia to play in the state basketball championship with his high school team.  Exciting times!  Pretty sure I can count the games won in my tenure there on one hand.  The tournament happened to be on the same weekend we had planned to meet as a family in Dallas.  Take a few different roads and we end up at the campus of my Alma mater for the big event. Upon reporting this to my cousin she replies, "Don't tell me Trevor is playing in the state championship.  He's not old enough for that.  I'm quite certain he's like 4 or 5."  I know, right.

We ended up renting a house for the four day stint and killed time waiting for the games by hanging out there intermixed with playing in the park across the street, taking in some campus hot spots, eating at various favorites around town, and popping in on the b-balling brother as he stayed with the team (he didn't even avoid us-excellent sibling that he is).

It has been a long time since I have watched a sporting event where I cared in the  least who won. The first final 4 game was thrilling.  Nail biting was occurring as  it was tied with very little time on the clock.  Malachi was crying.  Hannah and I squeezed each other, and everyone lost their minds as we made a few free throws to win the game.  The championship game was not such a thrill, but we were losing by enough that the juniors (namely Trevor Roebke) got to make their tournament debut. Cue losing your mind cheering again.  He had a very fine rebound in his seconds of fame, and I am not going to lie, it was worth the whole trip.

Other highlights were celebrating two birthdays (Trenton and Malachi), being serenaded by some lovely ukulele music from the former, Flat Branch (of course), and a rousing family obstacle course competition.  It was certainly a time of varied blood pressures...
close game-blood pressure up!
swinging at the park- blood pressure down,  
eating Shakespeare's Pizza, cheese curds and frozen custard- blood pressure up,
watching Hannah decorate shirts as brain tingles ensue- blood pressure down, 
Silas gets close to the basement stairs with no door- blood pressure up!
strolling about campus- blood pressure down,
seeing old acquaintances from high school, blood pressure up!
Trevor gets in the game-blood pressure up!
driving home with fussy infant- blood pressure up!
Blogging and thinking about my fun family- blood pressure down!
Eating Cheetos with Mr. Roebke and playing at the park with Hannah

The sister

The siblings

Stalking Trevor at the mall with his team.  Best uncles ever.

Ukulele 101

Solemn at the Column

Homemade spirit wear


Photo credit to Shelly on many of these beauties.  We didn't get one of proud Dad looking on, but it was pretty adorable.  

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  1. Great job of capturing the spirit of the weekend in Columbia. Dad