Friday, November 28, 2014

Turkey Upside Down Bake

We were bums this year for Thanksgiving. We are pretty much always bums, but this year, bums in the sense that we didn't do anything.  Literally.  Didn't even get dressed.  If that isn't something to be thankful for, I don't know what is.  We did eat a precooked turkey that made me feel like I was preparing somewhat of a traditional meal. Waiting for the pop-up timer to spring was a thrill.  We had Thanksmas with my family the night before via video chat so my internal calendar of holidays seems irreparably off for this year.  Christmas shopping is done (and half opened), the tree is up (and half decorated, which it will stay due to little ornament thieving fingers) and I'm thinking about baking Santa's cookies, just to go ahead and get everything out of the way.  I hope the holiday spirit holds on even with this kind of head start.

I think I cooked this upside down.  I also didn't know enough about turkey anatomy for the timer placement directions to be helpful, so I picked a spot and shoved it in.

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  1. You capture the best pics. Helps you have such a cute little guy to take pics of, but seriously. Love your lazy Thanksgiving. I have never cooked a turkey, so you have more experience than me already. I have no idea if it was right side up or not (or if it matters). We have a similar tree to yours here in these parts. :)