Sunday, November 16, 2014

I'm on a Horse

Silas had his first friend birthday party this weekend.  We have started a rug-rat club with teachers at my school and I love that Silas has a little posse (and me too).  Erin had us all out to an adorable little farm to celebrate her's of our club turning 2! I am obsessed with petting zoos, so of course I think it was the best party ever.  We also had a little fire and hay ride. Silas mostly liked rolling in the hay and picking up leaves.  

I think I'm winning for most pictures of your child and a donkey in a month's time.

I stole this picture from Alex.
This one too.

He also really liked the party favors...bendy cow, chicken duck, and this treasure:

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  1. I love the picture you stole :) it's for you, hence the reason I posted/tagged you