Saturday, October 18, 2014

My Fair Baby

Went to the fair!  Had in mind to take Silas on his first ride.  Probably bad parenting to even think it. Turns out there are no appropriate rides for a one-year-old.  Maybe next year.  Are two-year-olds 36 inches? I think it's sad that I am so over-eager to introduce my son to new things and then by the time they are actually age appropriate and he might enjoy them I will probably have to do it bemoaningly since I already dragged him there the prior year.  Being honest this year was already done bemoaningly by one gentleman member of our party.  We did have a good time at the petting zoo.  We also got a cow mask that Silas had fun destroying while being subjected to too many baked goods displays. Silas drank about a gallon of lemonade, we saw Gramp's watercolor, and we in general had a good time strolling about.  My pictures are black and white due to the yellow tent making everything a terrible hue.

Heard some real life cock-a-doodle doing!  I might as well call this an animal sound field study.

The Tuscan is his.  Who likes apples?

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