Tuesday, January 1, 2013

I'm Wearing a Vest!

Here is a run-down of the 2012 cold weather hollidays.

Daron and Jess were up to their embarrassing antics again as Garth and Kat for Halloween.  They would like you to think that this was a one night thing, but they as a habit (a bad one) like to sing all manor of conversations to each other. Jess made matching vests to keep it authentic.  There are some videos out there somewhere, but alas I do not have them.  With their fashion sense they are lucky people recognized it as a costume.  The word is that is was a fabulous party, Kristin!

Thanksgiving Highlights
Headed to Greeneville for what was potentially the best turkey ever.
Found Waldo on every page of all three volumes.
Took a ride on the Pontoon!  (Making waves and catching rays up on the roof...)
Family bowling and outlet shopping.

They had a Christmas celebration with Daron's folks here and then headed off to Missouri for more festivities.  They saw lots of amazing people and ate lots of amazing food and ten pounds later they returned to me-skin and bones and frozen solid.

Happy New Year!  With the Howes and the Olivers and some good ole' Rock of Ages.  Is there any other way to celebrate?