Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Life has been boring around here lately.  Good boring, but boring.  I got a peaceful weekend recently when Daron and Jess opted for sleeping outside on the ground.  They visited Twin Falls and camped at Table Rock State Park with some good buddies.  The trip was reminiscent of the one from a few years back where the roomies won some kind of couple's challenge including games like dirt pictionary, frisbee relay, and throwing equine footwear at stakes in the ground...what they won't brag about.  This year the main challenge was catching falling leaves in transit.  They did not win.

They did...
Take a Nature Nap
Eat delicious food alfresco
Enjoy some beautiful scenery

Here are some photos stolen from this superior retelling/documenting of the weekend.
When David Met Rose

And reminiscing from the trip two years back...
When David Met Rose

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  1. Love love love the pic of you and Daron against the fall colors!