Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Lake Lure

Guest writer: Jessie
Last summer we all went to Vero Beach, FL and saw baby turtles hatching in the moonlight and heading out to sea.  This summer we headed to Lake Lure, NC and saw these novelties... (Equally impressive.)

The lake house was indeed a feast for the senses.  The decor and aesthetics spoke of true taste and gave one the feeling of  swimming with Ariel in her cavern of treasures below the sea.  I knew for sure though, that I was going to have a great weekend when I saw these...

The best VHS collection ever!  We sampled Willow and Three Ninjas.

House of my dreams just based on this.

My old dresser!

D.J. Tanner's bedspread.

The tiniest of all sitting areas.

You may ask, "Who has put together this awe inspiring collection?!?!"  I have no idea, but I am sure they are wonderful, and I know they are nice because they let us bum around their house all weekend for free.  So apart from marveling at the house, we did the following recreational activities...

  • Fishing (Kristin) 
  • Canoeing
  • Feeding Sunchips to turtles
  • Eating
  • Swimming
  • Water sliding
  • Swallowing bees (Laura)
  • Dirty Dancing (because we were of course at the very lake where it was filmed)

Rowing out to explore!



(Dirty) Baby Turtle.

Mom turtle.



Found these beauties in the closet.

A secret pocket!


She is money!

Cuddle Time!

We loved it!


  1. Ah! Your fun times at the lake look like a blast ... and DJ Tanner's bedspread ... hahaha!

  2. This is my favorite!! I love everything about this blog and this post and you guys!! :)

  3. Love it!!! My parents love Lake Lure!!! Looks like a great time was had by all:) love the picture of the reenactment:)