Sunday, July 8, 2012

Summer Olympics

Here is a flashback to the 1992 Summer Olympic Games...Picture Jess playing on the carpet with these tape-laminated gems...

The US Women's Gymnastic Team
The Stars:
Katie Summers
Samantha Bigsby
Tracy Hill
Terry Schmidtke (yikes!)

That's right, 20 of these beauties.

The US Women's Track Team
The Stars:
Mavis Lane
Darcey Hurst


The US Women's Swim Team
The Stars:
DeeDee Meyers
Candice Cole

The US Women's...
Stacey Kennedy
Bobbi Nixon

...Iceskating Team?!?! (I am confident one of these was supposed to be Kristi Yamaguchi)

The Coaching Staff and Judges
Who knew Jonathan Privett had his hand in Olympic coaching.

At the time the set included pipecleaner parallel bars, a rubbermaid bin swimming pool, and aluminum medals. (Names have been made up but I am sure the originals had them and full bios too.)  Who do you hope gets the gold (tin foil)?


  1. Those are so cool! So creative, even then!

  2. I think I'll put my money on DeeDee Myers. Also, this is the best thing.

  3. Terry Schmidtke is a beast! Are you sure she wasn't on the power lifting or wrestling team?

    1. I think she's related to Kristin our "girl" from the most-in-shape-person-in-the-world contest....

  4. You made grandmas whole front living room into the Games. There was a track and a high dive. You had it all.