Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Last Night

The camera has finally been released to me.

We ate this. 
(Photos before getting swatted off the counter)
Jess copies Allison.

Jess copies Tracy Stonard.  You don't know her?  Neither do we.
Thank you Pinterest.

Jess copies Old El Paso.

 These people were there. 
(Photos after getting swatted off the counter.)

Pardon the shot of Daron.  My paw got in the way.  I guess I am not above classic beginner mistakes.


  1. Cute perspective! Love the cupcakes. Louise, you are a natural.

  2. The cupcakes were delish. Louise, I have to say, you produced a nice photo of us all from such a unique angle!!!

  3. Louise, what did you do with the photos of your roommate's handmade apron??

  4. And gosh those enchiladas were delicious!