Sunday, June 25, 2017

At Home

My folks and brothers came up the week we got home.  A true testament of love because it had to be the most boring vacation ever sitting around our little house.  Chairs enough for everyone to sit on are overrated.  They spoiled us with food and with ample attention for both of my boys.  We did take Rory on his first college visit to USC, and there was swimming and an escape room for most of the crew.  Can't wait to be reunited again on our Missouri travels this August.

 I was abandoned by everyone on Wednesday and was forced to take too many pictures of various newborn expressions, none of which do my little guy justice.

Rory also got to meet these fun friends.


  1. Rory, you are a gorgeous little babe! So sweet. Jess, your brothers are so old! What in the world?!

  2. Ditto to Megan!!! Trenton and Trevor looking all grown up!! And Mr Rekky's best attempt at a smile!!! Looks just like my dad!! Rory, you are a darling babe! I'm glad the Lord gave you such a wonderful family!!! Much love!!