Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Missouri with the FOMD

Thanksgiving dinner.

Hiking at Fantastic Caverns.

Training with Uncle Trevor.

At the Chief's and Buc's game.

Some of my favorite bits of the trip:

  • Silas toting a hatchet and tagging along behind Mr. Roebke on a mission to cut the tail off a dead squirrel. (Good for fly fishing hooks apparently.)
  • Conn and I sporting our Outlaws shirts and cheering on Trenton as he flies down the field after a soccer goal.
  • A bag brim full of beef jerky... sitting next to French onion dip... sitting next to fudge, with a side of cheese ball. 
  • Visiting the model to imagine our lovely new lake cabin under construction.
  • Crafting twinkly Snowman ornaments with my favorite niece. 
  • Conn forcing pumpkin pie on everyone to reveal our news.

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