Saturday, July 16, 2016

North Captiva Island

We spent last week as an upper class family living the beach life on North Captiva Island.  

I spent most of the days following these strict guidelines:
1. Eat a large breakfast plated for you directly upon exiting bed.
2. Play at the beach: hunt shells, monitor sand castle construction, watch various family members be buried...
3. Cool off in the house pool: judge pool related contests, drink Italian soda, watch Silas jump and swim like a fish...
4. Choose from the following: Napping, Exploring the island, Watching Harry Potter, listening to Silas yell "I'm a bandit!" on repeat.
5. Eat some form of delicious meat dinner (minus the last day where we creatively made a meal out of mostly carrots)
6. Enjoy sunset on the beach.
7. Win at cards.

Also thrown in there were a day of ocean boating and manatee watching, kayaking with Dad, a dockside dinner, filming the third of the Mr. Lewis and Dr. Oliver trilogy, garden stone making, a family photo shoot, and an hour period where we thought we might be lost in the island jungle forever.  Now for your viewing pleasure.....The Case of the Rising Tide.


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