Friday, November 27, 2015

A Cut Above

We had a little out patient surgery on Tuesday.  The communicating hydrocele has been shut down. Nothing left to say, let's hope.  It was a bit disconcerting that all the toys in the pre-op room were labels OPS.  One O short of a problem.  We waited long enough for Silas to let down his guard and think the place wasn't so bad.  Big mistake.  Poor guy got lead off with strangers to get cut into.  We waited in the waiting room named "The Lion's Den".  The mouths remained divinely shut and after about 30 minutes we got the call he was out and everything went well.  He was sad and hurting quite a bit in the anesthesia recovery room and that continued through discharge.  Once we got home he seemed better.  The next day I think the meds kept him down, but once we were off those he was back to himself.  Potentially too much so.  Lets hope we keep the stitches intact and don't find our way back to OPS with an oops.


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