Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Room on the Broom Week

 At day care recently, they have been rotating through the children and letting them pick the theme for the week and help plan the activities.  We have had dinosaur week, train week, Doc. McStuffins week, and Micky Mouse Club House week.  Silas has really been enjoying the book, Room on the Broom.  I thought since he has been assigned the week before Halloween it would be a good theme.  I got a little carried away making plans.  I think Mrs. KiKi thinks I am crazy, and she probably hates me for too much glue and paint being involved, but I hope it turns out fun for the kids!

Room on the Broom Week Lesson Plans and Supplies

Felt board characters to go along with the story.

Feeding the dragon colored french fries.

Character stamps.


  1. No joke she loves you, I'm freaking out thinking what I'd do and my son doesn't even go to his schoolll

  2. You are so ridiculously creative. Seriously.