Sunday, August 2, 2015


This baby model is two-years-old.
The rain stayed away and we got to take advantage of the community green for the party this year. There was a pool noodle croquet course, a hockey shoot out, and a putting green for our long-handled tool competitions.  The pinata was hit. :)  Silas's favorite part was stealing ice from the drink coolers. After games and sandwiches/fruit/chips we packed into the house for some AC, cake, and gift unwrapping. He was pretty cute watching everyone serenade him.  I think he did feel special, so mission accomplished.  He sure has some cute buddies (young and old!).  Thanks to everyone for coming!  If anyone is in need of pool noodles or sweat bands I would be happy to oblige.


Cake by our sweet neighbor, Marcia.

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  1. Cute cake, fun theme, sweet birthday boy, and good choice on the Cherry Coke:)