Sunday, September 28, 2014


Caught a lizard.

Checked it out.

Wore it like a broach.

Gave it some love.

Liked it.

So Silas really did catch the lizard out of the grass...after I had caught her and held her in one hand while trying to wrangle my son into some newly purchased rain boots with the opposite one. I think she was subdued by her terror.  She did hop off unscathed (physically) from the experience.  Anyways, cute boots, right?!?!

Some things from life these days.  

  • We are under budget this month, so we've been doing some shopping this weekend. Look forward to a future post with a new tent and tunnel where I will assuredly be having Silas wear his new house shoes to enhance the pictures.  
  • Silas is loving roaming the yard.  He cries when I try to take him inside.  Flailing, kicking, and the whole bit.  One day, I will admit that he won and I went out while raining and followed him around with an umbrella.  I kind of love that he is asserting himself and showing his personality lately, even if it is in the form of a tantrum.  I am sure I will feel differently later.  He really is a good baby, if I don't ruin it...
  • He is getting the hang of shape sorters, loves wallowing in laundry (clean or dirty), and randomly throws things in the trash.  I am hoping we don't lose anything valuable to this habit.

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