Sunday, July 6, 2014

Meanwhile Back at the Ranch

Just spent the week with the best people that I know!  They are funny, sweet, and their genes are beyond compare!  Here is what we did all week...

Sunday I got back from the CoMo festivities to a warm welcome.  We took a family hay ride and had the equivalent of Thanksgiving Dinner 2.0.

Monday we hung out with Grandma Cain and her crew at the pool.

Tuesday we rode horses, played croquet, caught lightening bugs, and had a rousing game of family kickball.

Hanging out in my mother's lovely perennial garden.
Standing for 5+ seconds!
Backyard camp out.

Wednesday we went to the lake and to The Pizza Cellar for dinner.

Thursday the movie studio fired up and the kids filmed this gem.  (Stay tuned for the full feature.) We also played in the garden and shot off some fireworks.  Eating fresh food from the garden really is a thrill.  Silas also slept through his birthday party.

Friday we went back to the lake for a day with Doll-Doll and fam and drove the boat out to see the fireworks over the water.  Happy Fourth of July!

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