Friday, January 3, 2014

Fashion Show

I cleaned out Silas's closet today as part of my "find a place for all the gifts he got this year" mission.  Pretty sure he has enough toys for five children, lucky thing.  I finally packed up all his 3 month stuff that is getting tight and broke out some new 6 month outfits that had been stored for later.  It is crazy and kinda sad that his little body will never wear these precious little outfits again.  Maybe a sibling!  Anyways, I wanted to document him in his cute homemade onesies from my shower.  What artistic friends I have!  I still have a bunch in bigger sizes that will be modeled another day, but here are the 0-6 month ones.  His runway legs were a little unstable, but I think he killed some crib modeling. 

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