Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas! Christmas!

Here is the story of Silas's first road trip to Missouri.

Luckily, this is what he did most of the way.

He saw some familiar faces...

And some new ones too!

On Christmas Eve he attended his first reading of The Grinch by Mr. R.

The cousins were Skyped in.

 Reunited with his favorite GiGi.

 He ran (was carried) downstairs Christmas morning to see what Santa brought.

Look at that loot!

Shelly and MaryAnn stopped by Christmas night for a visit.


The day after Christmas he got to meet Michael and his Doll-Doll! (along with lots of other family!)

Aunt Callie!

The last day of the trip he headed to Branson to see Grandpa Bobo's lake house and do some shopping.  He tried his first bite of custard at Andy's- probably terrible parenting.  Now all subsequent food will be a disappointment.

He was initiated to cabin life by donning the owl claw necklace.

After all the eating we did, he was stuffed.

Missing everyone already!

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