Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Friends from Afar

We saw some of our besties this weekend!  Kristen, Joy, and Leah came in to meet the little man.  
painted some tiles with cute baby footprints and questionable handwriting,
crossed our fingers and prayed for Kristen to actually leave the tarmac in Chicago (she did- despite the attempts to thwart it by the woman in the bathroom),
played 20 questions with Leah,
lost (Daron and I) at Leah's homemade trivia/ won (Joy and Kristen) at Leah's homemade trivia,
made slightly burnt calzones (me again),
celebrated Joy's birthday,
got in the 2 most important Sunday "C's" (Church and Chipotle),
watched some good (Kristen and I)/ terrible (Joy and Leah) movies,
read a hilarious snuggie blog,
made sushi,
realized I need to watch more news,
were serenaded by the cutest 4-year-old... "Meat's too brown, think I'll go to town"  (and we did),
had a California Dreamin' lunch,
and thoroughly enjoyed being with old pals.
I am probably forgetting many things...or maybe not because I am a slightly boring host and had to include every meal we ate to make a respectable list.
However, they didn't get to experience a banana pudding milking shake, so alas, they must return.


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