Friday, June 28, 2013

Baby BFFs

I love that tons of my friends have/are having children!  Silas will have playmates galore, regardless if they are all over the country.  More vacations!  Here are some of his future BFFs.  (Assuming he will not be a huge brat that no one will want to play with.)    Appearing in order of age...

Superman and Bear

Liam and Emma Grace (not yet pictured)

Tucker Scott

Jack Carter

Lucy Pearl

Baby Oliver

Why are all of these ultrasounds so much better than the photos I received of a white blob labeled right arm?

There are tons more prego people and new moms that I love and that have wonderfully beautiful children that I would jump at the opportunity to have play dates with, but the chances of that happening (due to distance or me just being terrible at at staying in touch) are so slim, I will stick to the shoe-ins.  

And now cousins...the ones that if he has no other friends will have to claim him anyways.

Yay, kids! (Clearly it is summer...I don't throw that around too much in the heat of the school year.)


  1. Yea for bbff's! And what happened to Hannah??!!

  2. Still think teleportation needs to be invented to make these play dates possible....:)Ditto on the ultrasound picture quality.