Saturday, May 11, 2013

Showers...the kind I like

My dearest sister-in-law hosted us a baby shower last weekend with the help of our buddy Amber and the various contributions of many others that I love.  It was so fun and my friends and family are amazingly generous and supportive.  My mom and Shelly made the long trip from Missouri and that was the funnest thing of my life to have them there and show them off to all my South Carolina people.  We made onesies and yarn letters and ate delicious food and mostly I just enjoyed being surrounded by the best people ever.  Lots of people that couldn't be there sent things and called and texted and I felt very loved!

I am kinda terrible at thank you cards which is embarrassing and I was taught better.  I usually wait too long and wonder if they giver will even remember what I'm referring to by the time the note gets in the mail.  Writing thank yous for the shower was actually a really sweet experience.  I enjoyed getting to take the time to sit and think of and appreciate each of my amazing buddies and family and even some people that I don't know too well.  You all deserve more than a card, but I am truly touched at how thoughtful and kind  you are...for the gifts, for driving, for spending the day with me, for your well wishes and kind words for our baby.  We love you!

The Aftermath


  1. Such sweet words, Jessie!! I don't know if I told you, but this was my very first (baby) shower for a close friend so it was even more exciting watching everyone love on you. Can't wait to love on Silas!

  2. Awww! So glad you felt so loved. Wish I could have loved on you in person, rather than half a country away! Silas, know how much you are already loved!

  3. Love all 3 of you, so sweet:)