Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Ps(3)sst...Pass the Tissues

What is this hard boxy thing protruding from the side pocket of my purse?!?!

It is something adorable sneakily planted by that good buddy of ours, Jo.  Jess will use them to aid with the end-of-summer blues and to not have to share with 20something 5th graders all wanting an excuse to get out of their seats.  I think I will use one now as I am overcome with the sentiments of friendship!

In other news, Daron made a new friend...

Documenting his gamer score of 53,693 as he trades in the X-Box for a shiny new PS3.  Daron, you are a video game inspiration!  We wish many days of joy and slaughter ahead!

Adendem (from Jessie):  More tissues in the mail today!  I must complain a lot about running out of Kleenex, or I just have  really thoughtful friends!  Probably both! Thanks, Laura!

1 comment:

  1. LOVE the tissues :) and to daron...play on dear friend, play on! may your slaughter count be as high as courtney is able to lift her champagne glass...winning!