Monday, June 11, 2012

Myrtle Beach!

Twas the vacation of my dreams, minus a little rain, creepy little mole crabs, and the fact that I GOT LEFT AT HOME!

At the beach...

Look what washed up!

Sandy Feet

Shark!  Conn, please do not scream about this one like you did the dolphins.

Surf's Up!

At the pool...

Photo taken by Eli.
There were also a few close-ups of the concrete I chose not to post.

Around the House...

One to 100 Hopscotch by Hannah!

By Trenton!

Baby cardinal outside the beach house!  If only I were there... 

Out and About...

  • Walking in the rain to the tacky "Going out for Business" beach shop.  Dampened socks, but never spirits!
  • At The Seacaptain's House for dinner.
  • Out on the boardwalk pier.
  • Lovely dinner with the Venturas (not pictured)

Smiley little guy.  This is how I respond to hugs as well.

The whole gang!

A long trip over and back, but the filling was pretty delicious...apparently.

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  1. Love the family shot! Great pictures, everyone is so grown up!