Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Now a Word from Our Correspondent

Guest Writer: Maggie "Junebug" Dogerson, resident at Monday Night Club headquarters
Translated by: yes, I am trilingual. (Cats don't just naturally command the English language.)

Compliments of Kristin!

aruff, grrruff aruff
(Brownies, cool brownies.)

(I did not get one.)

Aroo, ruff, ruff, snort, woof, woofity, woofum, humph
(Monday night club watched the season conclusion of Castle this week.  Ahh Beckett, your days of "slave to the job" BA police woman have finally yielded to tender confessions of love.)

*(Thank you for sharing your wonderful blog with me, Louise, and as always for your example of grace, elegance, and class.)
*Rough translation

I would also like to thank Maggie for her contributions, her kind words, and suffering through the company of my roommates one night a week.

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