Friday, April 6, 2012

Lubbock Fun

Guest Blogger: Jessie
What a great time catching up with college buddies! The year of festivities flew by.  Thanks Jon and Joy for hosting and all the holiday planning!  Thanks Kristen for not killing me for booking the wrong travel day!  Here are some bullet point highlights.
  • New Years Ribbon Dancing Reprise.
  • Must have been a leap another day when my flight was canceled.
  • Hot dog forth of July Cookout.
  • Fun Tex Mex lunch with the ladies.
  • New trash pants.
  • Bracelet weaving lessons.
  • Meeting two very adorable boys.
  • Bunking with Kitchen (Kristen according to Seth).
  • Monopoly Deal.
Question from the trip: Is a pickle a vegetable?

Happy Birthday!
Valentines Day.
Groudhog (Prarie Dog) Day
First Day of School Fieldtrip.
Halloween Costume.
Superbowl Party game night.
Made it through the year!

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